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Stand Out : Build An Authentic Brand

The job market is flooded. The pandemic has made it even worse. Now more than ever, you need a brand that stands out and sells you in your absence. Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on your resume. An investment into a well done CV and LinkedIn profile pays itself back 10 times more.

We offer you a free LinkedIn Guide, paid for CV templates to guide you as you do it yourself (DIY). If you would like done for you services, book a consultation now.

I'll show you :

How to Achieve

An All Star Profile

How to 

Demonstrate Your Value

Key Items

Recruiters Look Out  For

Tips to Build

 A Visually Engaging Profile

Templates & Scripts 

To give you a starting point

Hi I'm Yemurayi Chinyande award winning mentor for Women in Tech. Helping high potential women like you run thriving careers, is my passion. 
When I started off in my tech career 13 years ago, I had no clue where I was going. Despite many mistakes and challenges, today, I manage products that serve across the African continent. I am proof that through investing in yourself, positioning yourself for the right opportunities and hard work, you can level up, thrive and make an impact.

I want to help YOU achieve even more. You don't have to make all the mistakes I made, you don't have to try figure it out solo, by yourself, duck taping stuff from all over the internet. You can follow a simple tried and tested roadmap.

Without understanding the necessary career building strategies, I find that many women waste so much time, remain stuck, and tend to struggle to find direction.

This toolkit, is an extract from my Tech Career Advancement Accelerator course, through which I help women like you uncover strengths you did not know you have and position you for landing your dream role, so you finally run a career you love, while earning what you truly deserve.

Let's do this!

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